Ignite your taste buds!

Our Customer Favourites* are Proven Delights!

Step 1~Pasta Size

~Select your hunger size!~

Small Pasta

$ 12.75

Medium Pasta

$ 20.75

Large Pasta

$ 24.50

Family Pasta

$ 45.99

Garlic Bread

$ 3.75

Cheesy Garlic Bread

$ 5.50


$ 6.25

Step 2~ Pasta Choice

~Select one of our delightful pastas!~

Bowtie Pasta

Add fancy Bowtie pasta for a delightful meal

Shell Pasta

This is just the perfect bite size pasta


Spaghetti Pasta

The all-time favourite and traditional pasta

Fusilli Pasta

This curly whirly pasta adds great texture to your meal


Penne Pasta

Another favourite pasta available in Plain, Whole Wheat or Gluten Free

Fettuccini Pasta

A thick rich pasta that adds volume and fulfilment

Step 3~ Sauce Choice

~Select one of our Standard or Mixed sauces!~ (Mixed sauces change weekly)

Standard Sauces

Choice of Tomato, Cream or Pink sauce


Our tasty meatballs pair well with any pasta

Meat Sauce

Don’t like bulky meatballs, try our delicious meat sauce

Alfredo Sauce

Mushrooms and cheese in a creamy sauce… add Chicken, Ham or Shrimp on request

Mixed Vegetables & Garlic in Olive Oil Sauce

Perfectly blanched mixed vegetables tossed in an aromatic garlic & olive oil sauce

Chicken Mango Tomato Sauce

This sweet & tangy sauce hits the spot every time

Sweet Chilli Sauce

Add Chicken or Shrimp (upon request) to our flavourful sweet & spicy sauce

Wahoo Sauce

Wahoo adds a whole new twist to pasta that you’ll definitely enjoy

Chicken & Sun-dried Tomatoes Sauce

Tossed in a beautiful pink sauce
Specialty Pastas

Baked Lasagna

Choose from our Meat, Chicken or Vegetable lasagna

Cheese Stuffed Pasta

Choose Ravioli or Tortellini , then pair with tomato, cream or pink sauce

Pasta of the Day

This could be Meat, Vegetable, Fish or Chicken pasta and guaranteed to please


~Who doesn't love toasty bread with pasta?!~

Garlic Bread

Freshly broiled to order with an aromatic garlic butter

Cheesy Bead

Garlic bread broiled with mozzarella cheese as a toasty delight


Garlic bread dressed with our fresh tomato sauce and broiled with mozzarella cheese

Salad Bar
~Enjoy a healthy, hearty salad prepared with the freshest ingredients!~

Mixed Salad

Ingredients choices:
Romaine Lettuce ~ Spinach ~ Tomato ~ Cucumber ~ Corn ~ 3 Bean Salad ~ Chopped Egg ~ Carrots ~ Mixed Sweet Peppers ~ Beets ~ Onions ~ Avocado ~ Cheese ~ Nuts ~ Red Cabbage ~ Broccoli ~ Mushrooms ~ Chicken ~ Fish ~ Shrimp

Caesar Salad

Fresh Romaine lettuce, Croutons, Parmesan cheese & our tastiest House Caesar dressing… add other ingredients upon request

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